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Official CBSA SWI page

What is Single Window Initiative?

The Single Window Initiative (SWI) is a new mandated electronic process of sharing commercial import data with Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). There are nine SWI Participating Government Agencies (PGAs), covering 38 programs. A gradual rollout of this initiative began on April 1, 2019. Full mandated Canadian import adoption of SWI is expected in Fall 2019 (date TBD).

How it helps you

  • Better import process – reach multiple agencies with one filing
  • Less paper – faster processing and better tracking/record keeping
  • Less required time

Critical Importing Info

  • Brokers and importers who are currently not using SWI may already begin to experience shipment clearance delays
  • Brokers and Importers must be certified to begin taking advantage of SWI

The PGAs affected

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency   (Ex. Food products)
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission   (Ex. Nuclear substances and equipment such as smoke detectors)
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada   (Ex. Hazardous waste and products pertaining to vehicle emission)
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada   (Ex. Aquatic species)
  • Global Affairs Canada   (Ex. Import quotas on meat and poultry, as well as steel imports)
  • Health Canada   (Ex. Human drugs and medical devices)
  • Natural Resources Canada   (Ex. Energy-using products)
  • Public Health Agency Canada   (Ex. Human and animal pathogens)
  • Transport Canada   (Ex. Vehicles and tires)