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Delmar CARM 102 FAQs

Q: Is the user GCKey tied to a specific computer device? Would working from home on a laptop require a different GCKey than the one used on an office PC?

A: The GCKey is not tied to a device. Your credentials will give you access to the portal on any device.


Q: Will I still require a bond if most of my imports are duty free?

A: If you are paying import GST, you will require a bond at Release 2 in 2023.


Q: How is the bond amount determined?

A: The bond amount will be 50% of the highest monthly amount of duties and taxes from the previous year.


Q: If I register for the portal via Sign-In Partner (my bank), when would the monthly SOA funds be deducted? Will it be on the last due date or on the 25th of the month?

A: The automatic withdrawal will be a couple before the due date. Using the Sign-In Partner is unrelated to your CBSA payments. It is only relevant for the onboarding to the portal.


Q: If the original BAM leaves the company, will the other BAM be required to delete that user from the account?

A: Yes, it would be in your best interest to remove that user from your account.


Q: How do you make the payments on the portal if you do not want pre-authorized payments?

A: If you do not want pre-authorized payments, simply go online and make your payment through your bank whenever you would like to pay.


Q: Can you show us how do make payments on the portal?

A: Yes, we can show you how to make payments on the portal after Release 1 of CARM.


Q: I currently make CBSA payments online through my bank. Can I continue to do that, or do I have to make payments through the CARM portal?

A: You can continue to make payments online through your bank.


Q: Which user roles have the ability to make payments through the CARM portal?

A: The BAM, PAM and Editor are all able to make the payments.


Q: I currently receive my SOA from my broker. Will I be responsible for downloading the SOA from the CARM portal with Release 1?

A: It is best to view your SOA on the portal. However, you will still receive the statement from Delmar that will show the duties and taxes owing to CBSA as well as our service fees.


Q: Will my broker be sending the SOA after Release 2 or will I be responsible for downloading the statement?

A: We will still continue to send our Brokerage Activity Statements as your broker.


Q: Will we still get an email of our SOA in PDF format?

A: Yes, this will remain the same.


Q: For a company with multiple RM extensions for various divisions, can we limit the visibility of each BAM per RM extension if we were to create multiple BAMs?

A: Yes, you can create multiple BAMs per RM program account. However, these will become PAMs to restrict their visibility to other RM accounts.


Q: For surety bonds, would they need to be secured from the same company for different RMs?

A: No, they would not need to be secured.


Q: Can I use my CRA GCKey for the CCP?

A: No, the CRA GCKey will not be compatible with the CCP. A CBSA GCKey will work.


Q: Will the B3 for each transaction be available to view for approval to ensure proper HS codes and duties are reported?

A: You will have visibility to your daily transactions, but if a correction is required, a B2 will need to be processed. At Release 2, you will have the possibility to correct the CAD prior to payment due date.


Q:  Will Delmar stop sending the B3 forms with their invoices?

A: At Release 2, the CAD will be available online and will replace the B3 form. Delmar will look into turning the B3 forms off.


Q: How do I request a GCKey?

A: You can request a GCKey on the CBSA website.


Q: Will the portal be used for both importing and exporting?

A: The portal is geared more for importing.


Q: What is the relationship between ARL and the CARM portal?

A: ARL was the first release of CARM. It is the accounts receivable ledger that offered offsetting of credits against debits and Statements of Account, along with electronic payment advantages.


Q: Will a 3rd party BAM (Delmar) be able to see the financial security information?

A: Yes, the 3rd party BAM would have access to see their clients’ financial security information.


Q: If I bring samples through Fedex and DHL, will I have to set up Fedex in the system as a broker too?

A: Yes, FedEx and DHL would have to request access to your portal.


Q: Does the GCKey belong to the company or will every individual have their own?

A: Every individual who requires access to your company portal will require a GCKey or they will need to log in with their banking Sign-In Partner. The GCKey is specific to the user.


Q: Are US companies who are registered as non-resident importers also required to use the CARM portal?

A: Yes, all importers must be registered on the CARM portal.


Q: Will single entry bonds be available for businesses that are not regular importers?

A: Information regarding single entry bond has not been provided by the CBSA. However, cash can always be posted to the account for RPP.


Q: How can importers get bonds through a surety bond company? Will we have to pay monthly duties?

A: You would have to contact the broker/surety directly. Premiums are usually paid on a yearly basis when the bond is renewed. Delmar has a broker and surety in place who you can contact for more information.


Q: Do we have to give Delmar access to the portal or can we manage it ourselves?

A: It is in your best interest to delegate authority to Delmar at Release 1. With Release 2, importers must give Delmar access to their portal to transmit the CAD on their behalf, to request rulings and to make corrections and adjustments to transactions.


Q: If we are required to give Delmar access to our portal at Release 2, can we give them limited access and restrict them from seeing payment and financial information?

A: Yes, you can choose the access level for your broker depending on what is best for your company.


Q: Will Delmar be a third-party request?

A: Yes, Delmar will be the third-party request as a PBAM.


Q: Upon initial setup, will the BAM get an error message if any of the details (i.e., statement balances or last payment totals) are incorrect, or will the setup remain as pending?

A: The first person to log into the portal with your BN will be the primary BAM who will then grant access to the other BAMs. You will not get through without answering the questions correctly and may get timed out. You can also get locked out if there are too many wrong attempts.


Q: What information will the BAM need to have on hand to setup the account? Is there a list given at the start of registration?

A: The BAM will need to have the following information to answer the affinity questions:

  • Closing balance on the last SOA
  • Amount of last payment to CBSA
  • Total duties and taxes of a recent B3 transaction


Q: Are the BN and RM accounts the same as the GST account?

A: BN9 is the company account and the RM is the program of that account. A BN9 can have multiple program accounts. The RT account is the GST account.


Q: Will I have to go through the same procedure with UPS and FedEx?

A: Yes, if you are using them as a broker.


Q: If Delmar were to represent us without the CARM procedure, will they charge an admin fee?

A: Please contact Delmar at [email protected] for further information.


Q: Currently, my broker does everything for me. Once a month, they send me a bill and then I pay it. Can my broker continue to do everything? I do not want any extra work.

A: Yes, this can be arranged by giving your broker full access and confirming with your broker on how you want to proceed after Release 2. If your broker is Delmar, you would need to contact our advisory services department to make those arrangements.


Q: Do we need to open 2 CARM portals if we have 2 different BNs at the same address?

A: If the BN9s are different, you will need a CARM account for each business number. If the BN9s are the same and the RM programs are different, all programs will be visible when you log into your portal.


Q: Will the SOA include both the duty and GST amounts, or will they be shown separately?

A: The total duty and GST amounts will be shown on the SOA on your portal. Your Daily Notice will show them separately with details.


Q: Before, when importing, we had about 30 days to pay the GST. Will it stay the same?

A: Payment is due on the last day of the month. So, sometimes it can be more than 30 days and sometimes less than 30 days.


Q: Will we have to pay before receiving the goods or can we pay after?

A: Payment will be due after you receive your goods.


Q: What will the security deposit be?

A: Prices may vary depending on the amount of coverage. But, we will contact you at the right time.


Q: What user code should we give to Delmar?

A: GCE is preferable.


Q: If the first person who creates the account becomes the personal user, does the second user have to make the request to the first user?

A: The first user becomes the GCE, the second person requests access to the company and the GCE approves them with a role of their choice.