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Delmar CARM FAQs

Q: What is CBSA’s Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) initiative?

A: CBSA continues to accelerate its evolution and modernization through its CARM initiative. From 2021-2023, CBSA will unveil Phase 1 and 2 of CARM, which will completely transform the agency’s import playbook from trade compliance to risk and information management.


Q: What can I expect with CARM?

A: From importers having to post financial security to receiving enhanced capabilities to compliantly correct entry information prior to bonds, there will be countless upcoming changes with the launch of CARM. These changes will be supported through a CBSA web portal which will give importers improved, real-time visibility and control over their transactions and trade chain partners.


Q: When can I sign up on the CARM portal?

A: You will be able to sign up on the portal as of May 25th, 2021 with Release 1 of CARM. You will be able to log onto the portal, create your user account, have visibility to your account, and familiarize yourself with the portal. The deadline to sign up on the portal will be in 2023, when the core portal functionality will be released. Delmar will be sending out email notices of the effective due dates.


Q: What is the CARM Client Portal Onboarding Process?

A: First, you must receive your RM number prior to registering for the portal. This can be issued by the CRA. Then, you must apply for your GCKey when you create your portal user account. If you currently have a GCKey with CBSA, such as the CERS GCKey, you will be able to use the same one for CARM. Your CRA GCKey will not give you access to the CARM portal nor will your CDC GCKey. For additional information, please refer to the CARM - CBSA Client Portal Onboarding Guide on our website.


Q: Will there be any penalties or fines in the CARM program?

A: There are several penalties that can be assessed by the CBSA, including late payments. You will be able to see your penalties on the portal.


Q: Will I have to make payments to CBSA through the portal?

A: Yes, payments to CBSA will be done through the CARM portal.


Q: Is the CARM portal simply to receive invoices for duties and taxes due to the CBSA? Will the invoices we receive from our customs broker remain the same excluding the duties?

A: Once you are on Direct Security, our invoice will reflect the amounts owing to CBSA. These amounts will not be included in the total invoice to Delmar. The portal will provide you with your monthly statement of duties and taxes, and you will be able to view your transactions as well.


Q: Are the Financial Security Bond fees regarding the minimum amount and the rate per $1000 set by the CBSA? What is the annual fee for a Financial Security Bond of $25 000? What is the approximate cost of a surety bond?

A: These Financial Security Bond fees are set by your insurance company and your broker. For information on the annual fee for a Financial Security Bond of $25 000 and the cost of a surety bond, please contact Delmar.


Q: Will my current bond continue or will I have to apply for a new one?

A: Your current bond will be transferred through the portal by the importer or broker prior to 2023. Please be advised that CBSA may communicate with you to increase the bond.


Q: Will the historic transaction data prior to May 25th, 2021 be available in the CCP?

A: No, it will not. Any data prior to Release 1 will not be available in the CPP.


Q: I have an open SIMA appeal at the moment. Can the status of this be viewed through the CARM portal?

A: To our knowledge, the portal will not give you visibility to this appeal as it was processed prior to Release 1.


Q: I currently get the CBSA monthly statements for duties and taxes from my broker. Will I have to pull the statements myself?

A: With Release 1 of CARM, you will be able to obtain your CBSA invoice (SOA) for duties and taxes only on the portal and will have to pull these statements yourself. The SOA is issued on the 25th of each month.


Q: Will my broker need a different User ID and Password to access my account?

A: Yes. Brokers will have their own set of credentials to log into their account. Once you grant your broker access, they will be able to access your account from a drop-down list of business numbers.


Q: What will my customs broker be able to do on the portal?

A: With CARM Release 1, brokers will be able to apply for rulings, view SOAs and daily transactions, and use classification tools.


Q: Can I register more than one broker in the system?

A: Yes, you can register more than one broker in the system. Each broker will have to create their account and request delegation authority. You can then grant them access.


Q: Will brokers still handle transactions and billing?

A: Brokers will still handle the transactions and billing for their fees. However, you will owe CBSA the duties and taxes.


Q: I have two different custom brokers. How can I keep the visibility of each broker confidential?

A: You can assign each broker as a BAM and limit their visibility to only view their respective transactions.


Q: How much of the CARM process will be managed by the broker and how much will be handled by the company?

A: This is decided by the importer based on their preferences.


Q: Will the brokerage invoice still reflect a copy of the new version of B3/B2?

A: We will be adjusting our CAD and invoice accordingly in Release 2. We will know more as we get closer to Release 2 of CARM.


Q: What rulings can be viewed in the CARM portal?

A: Advanced ruling requests for HS classification, valuation, and origin can be applied for via the portal.


Q: Will we receive emails once invoices and SOAs are available on the portal?

A: From what we understand today, you will have to extract your SOA from the portal. If you wish to receive an email, you will have to sign up for the EDI SOA.


Q: Will I be able to download daily notices through the portal?

A: No, you will not receive daily notices through the portal. However, you can obtain them via Delmar’s systems by completing the form on our dedicated CARM website.


Q: Do I need a bond if I provide a security to the CBSA?

A: If you have provided a security, you have posted a bond.


Q: Will I require a bond for RPP privileges?

A: If you would like to have RPP privileges, you will require a bond.


Q: Can the bond be set up by my broker?

A: The bond can be set up through your broker. However, it will always be secured with CBSA.


Q: Will the portal advise me if I am near the security amount or will I have to monitor this outside of the portal?

A: Yes, you will be notified when you have reached 75% of your total bond secured amount.


Q: Will DAS statements continue to be mailed or would I access them via the portal?

A: We currently do not have this information. We will update you as soon as possible.


Q: Can I have more than one BAM? Would I have to replace the primary BAM for the company if they leave?

A: Yes, you can have as many BAMs as you would like. By having two BAMs, you would not have to replace the primary BAM as long as the second BAM has the same visibility. A secondary BAM can also create additional BAMs.


Q: What impact would this have on clients who are on the duty deferral program?

A: There will be no impact on these clients.


Q: Will CARM affect any importation regulations?

A: No, CARM will not affect any importation regulations.


Q: Where can I find a copy of the Delmar CARM Webinar slides?

A: The entire presentation slides will be available on our website in the next couple of weeks.


Q: Who can I talk to at Delmar for more information or if I have questions?

A: Please do not hesitate to contact your local Delmar International Representative or our Canadian Customs Advisory Services team at [email protected].