Canadian Rail Contract Negotiations – Update

blog | May 03, 2024

CN Update: Negotiations with TCRC 

Negotiations between Canadian National Railway (CN) and Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC), supported by federal conciliators, occurred earlier this week on April 29th-30th. 

The negotiations have been stalled until TCRC is available to resume discussions on May 13th. CN maintains a cautious outlook on the possibility of reaching an agreement by May 22nd, at which point a labour disruption could begin. 

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CPKC Update: Negotiations with TCRC 

With the assistance of federal conciliators, Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) and the TCRC leadership are meeting again this week to continue negotiations towards the renewal of the collective agreements for both Train and Engine (T&E) and Rail Traffic Controller (RTC) employees. The parties remain far apart. 

Should a work stoppage occur, it will impact all Canadians and it will halt freight traffic on CPKC’s Canadian rail network. It will disrupt essential supply chains throughout North America and significantly constrain trade between Canada, the United States and Mexico. Additionally, commuter services hosted on CPKC’s network in Montreal (Exo), Toronto (Metrolinx) and Vancouver (West Coast Express) will be unable to operate. 

The TCRC leadership and CPKC are meeting this week and are scheduled to meet again during the week of May 13th. 


Source: CIFFA