Facilitated Shipments to British Columbia

blog | Nov 24, 2021

U.S. and Canada Customs Agencies Combine Efforts to Facilitate Shipments Through British Columbia

In a joint program, the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have announced an effort to facilitate the movement of Canadian domestic cargo moving via truck or rail around flooding in British Columbia, Canada. 

Ocean and air cargo arriving in Vancouver or elsewhere in Canada must be customs cleared prior to transiting the U.S. as this program is intended for use with domestic cargo only.

U.S. Customs, working in partnership with other U.S. government agencies, has announced several specific measures, including the use of “enforcement discretion”, for most cargo transiting the U.S. around the flooding and through specific western ports of entry or exit. This enforcement discretion includes the temporary suspension of Food & Drug (FDA) Prior Notice filings along with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) transit permit requirements for applicable cargo.


Important points related to this initial 30-day program include:

  • Carriers should seal containers through the U.S. as each customs service will validate the seal upon entry and/or exit.
  • Drivers should present available shipping documents along with any documentation required to enter U.S. for immigration purposes.
  • Carriers, especially carriers who do not normally operate in the U.S., must use of one of six western border crossings as designated.
  • Carriers with the ability to file their manifest information electronically should do so to expedite the cargo movement. Manifests should indicate cargo is transiting the U.S. due to a weather emergency. Carriers without the ability to file information electronically with U.S. Customs will be assisted by customs upon arrival at the port.
  • U.S. Transportation and Exportation (T&E) bonds should be transmitted to CBP using the HTS 9804.00, which is for personal exemptions, and provided for the use of an estimated value.
  • Products that are legal in Canada, but illegal in the U.S., will not be allowed to transit the U.S. under this program.
  • Permits for defense or military cargo remain a requirement under this program.
  • Special cargo or circumstances not covered by the guidance below should be communicated to customs in advance of arrival allowing them to consider alternative arrangements or measures.

Shippers and carriers should review the U.S. Customs message and guidance below for full details.

Please contact your local Delmar representative or our U.S. Customs Advisory Services Group for additional information and assistance.


Additional Information:          

CSMS #50162293 - CBP AND CBSA Joint Updated Emergency Protocols in Response to Flood Situation in British Columbia, Canada ( Read full bulletin


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