CP Issues 72-Hour Notice to Lock-Out TCRC-Train & Engine Employees

blog | Mar 17, 2022

CP Issues 72-Hour Notice to Lock-Out TCRC-Train & Engine Employees

Please find the latest updates below on the CP-TCRC situation.  

Read the full notice from CP here

Release Highlights:  

  • CP has issued 72-hour notice to the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) of its plan to lock-out employees at 00:01 a.m. ET on Sunday, March 20, 2022 if the union leadership and the company are unable to come to a negotiated settlement. 
  • We take this action today to bring that uncertainty to an end. Delaying resolution of this situation would only make things worse.” – John Brooks, Executive Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer of CP 
  • Formerly, CP tabled an offer that addressed a total of 26 outstanding issues between the parties. 
  • TCRC leadership rejected CP’s offer and the union continues to table demands. 
  • CP will continue to negotiate with the TCRC. 
  • CP has commenced its work stoppage contingency plan to wind-down Canadian operations.   
  • Further details will be provided, including embargos, as CP’s shut down plan progresses.  
  • CP has launched a fact-based information hub with materials and information about these negotiations at   

Delmar will continue to monitor this situation.