General Congestion in Canada Impacts Service Across the Country

blog | Jul 19, 2022

General Congestion in Canada Impacts Service Across the Country

Rail transit times from all ports to Canadian inland points, such as Toronto and Montreal, are experiencing major slowdowns directly related to heavy congestion at inland terminals.  

Terminals are currently unable to process the high volume of containers entering the Canadian market from overseas in an efficient manner due to a lack of space. The contributing factors include the insufficient drayage capacity within these metro areas, specifically Toronto and Montreal. 

As a result, containers have piled up at the various Canadian ports with certain terminals operating close to 100% yard utilization. Dwell times have sharply increased from approximately seven days to several weeks in many cases. Terminals are continuing to work on solutions to prioritize and load the containers with the longest dwell times. 

The above situation has amplified vessel berthing delays at all Canadian ports with vessel ETAs being extended numerous days and, in some cases, weeks. 

The situation is expected to persist over the coming months.  

Delmar will continue to monitor the situation in order to provide solutions and updates where possible. 

For possible alternate service options or for more information, please contact your local Delmar Representative.