Quebec Public Roads – 2022 Thaw Period

blog | Feb 17, 2022

Quebec Public Roads – 2022 Thaw Period

Please take note of the following dates and zones where the authorized load limits will be reduced on all Quebec public roads.  

Predicted dates for 2022  

Zone 1 

From Monday, March 7th (00:01) to Friday, May 6th (23:59) 

Zone 2 

From Monday, March 14th (00:01) to Friday, May 13th (23:59)  

Zone 3 

From Monday, March 21st (00:01) to Friday, May 20th (23:59) 

Thaw Zones 

Depending on changes in weather conditions, the start and end of the load restriction period can be moved ahead or postponed. Please consult the Projected Dates and Thaw Zones webpages on the Quebec government’s website for updates and information.