Shipping Lines to Avoid the Suez Canal as Red Sea Attacks Continue

blog | Dec 20, 2023

Ocean carriers have taken steps to reroute or pause vessels that would normally transit the Suez Canal due to attacks on commercial vessels by rebels in the region, which could add time and monetary costs for shippers. 
The changing routes are leading to a buildup of ships around the channel. With carriers planning to avoid or halting operations by the Red Sea, there were 40 vessels near the strait and over 100 vessels in the area as of December 16. 
It is estimated that rerouting vessels via the Cape of Good Hope would add an additional 10-20 days to standard transit times from Asia and the Indian subcontinent to the East Coast of Canada and the US. 
We understand the impact this may have on your logistics operations, but please rest assured that all decisions have been carefully considered by the ocean carrier teams and only implemented in the name of safety. 
Should you have any questions or wish to discuss options for your cargo, please contact your local Delmar Representative. 


Sources: SupplyChainDive & Maersk