SIMA Duties on Certain Upholstered Domestic Seating

blog | May 14, 2021

SIMA Duties on Certain Upholstered Domestic Seating

Further to our notice sent on May 7th concerning the notice of provisional duties for certain upholstered domestic seating, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has provided further clarity on the products in scope. 

The CBSA has advised that: 

  • Motion seating is subject whether upholstered with leather, fabric, or a leather substitute. 
  • All stationary or motion seating must include a wood or metal frame (including legs), or a combination of both. 
  • Stationary seating that is upholstered with fabric is excluded from the investigations and SIMA provisional duties. 

The CBSA notice of preliminary determination can be found here: 

Certain upholstered domestic seating 2020 investigations – Notice of preliminary determinations 

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