Delmar Opens New Facilities In Quebec, Canada

news | Sep 05, 2019

New Quebec facilities on the Northshore will accelerate the growth of Delmar International Inc.

MONTREAL, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delmar International, a leading provider of Freight, Customs and Logistics services in Canada, announced the opening of their new office in Blainville, Quebec, located at 1250 Boulevard Michèle-Bohec Suite 300, Blainville, QC J7C 5S4. The new facility will incorporate the relocation of Delmar Rosemere as well as add new resources for ground, air and sea freight services, doubling the head count in order to meet the demands of Delmar’s growing Northshore operations. 

We are delighted to announce our newest location north of Montreal in Blainville. After acquiring CV Logistics last year, we began to realize the magnitude of being on the Northshore. The community is very substantial and thriving, and Delmar has many employees who will benefit from a much more enjoyable commute between work and home. This also gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers locally as a member of the community, a responsibility Delmar has always tried very hard to maintain as we grow larger and more international. After all, we are a Montreal-born, Montreal head office-based company,” said Robert H. Cutler, CEO.

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About Delmar International Inc.

Delmar International Inc. is a privately held, leading global supply chain solutions provider. With offices located at major gateways, Delmar is strategically positioned and partnered to service our clients worldwide. Delmar’s core product offerings include: International Freight Forwarding (Air, Ocean, and Ground), Customs Services, Warehousing & Distribution, Technology Solutions, Supply Chain Management, and Trade Consulting Services. Delmar serves SME to Fortune 500 companies, offering solutions and strategies to optimize any supply chain. From the first to the last mile, Delmar is Logistics Made Simple.



Oliver Cutler
Delmar International Inc.