Overpaid Duties? Duty Recovery Opportunities!

webinar | Oct 19, 2023 On Demand

What Does the Webinar Cover?  

Join our Customs Brokerage experts for a discussion of various options to reduce duties at time of entry and to recover duties previously paid.   

Topics Covered 

  • Post entry filing  
  • Duty drawback programs  
  • US or Canada free trade agreement eligibility 
  • Proper valuation for entry of goods   
  • Proper classification 
  • Exclusions to additional duties implemented by the US   
  • Goods eligible for a GST exemption entering Canada 
  • Goods eligible for lower duties entering Canada based upon the end use 


Industry Expert Panelists     

Shaukat Khan   

Regulatory & Compliance Manager, Customs Brokerage, Delmar International Inc.   

William Carson 

Manager, Technical Services, Delmar International Inc. 


Who Should Watch?   

This webinar is important for importers, exporters, compliance managers and anyone involved in international trade and customs compliance. 

Overpaid Duties? Duty Recovery Opportunities Webinar