U.S. and Canadian Tariff (Harmonized System) Classification

webinar | Jul 05, 2023 On Demand

What Did the Webinar Cover? 

Strengthen your understanding of the Tariff (Harmonized System) Classification and ensure compliance with U.S. and Canadian customs regulations. Our knowledgeable experts will guide you through the intricacies of classification and provide useful tips through case studies to enhance your import/export operations.   


  • The importance of Tariff (Harmonized System) Classification in international trade 
  • Key differences between U.S. and Canadian Tariff (Harmonized System) Classification systems 
  • Understanding the Harmonized System (HS) codes and their structure 
  • Techniques and resources for proper classification 
  • Common challenges and pitfalls in classification and how to avoid them 
  • Case studies and examples to enhance understanding 
  • Q&A session 


Industry Expert Panelists   

Shaukat Khan  

Regulatory & Compliance Manager, Customs Brokerage, Delmar International Inc. 

William Carson  

Manager, Technical Services, Delmar International Inc. 


Who Should Watch?  

This video is important for importers, exporters, compliance managers and anyone involved in international trade and customs compliance.   

U.S. and Canadian Tariff (Harmonized System) Classification