The CBSA Has Released the January 2024 Trade Compliance Verification Priorities

blog | ene. 22, 2024

The Canada Border Services Agency Has Released the January 2024 Trade Compliance Verification Priorities

To be trade compliant, the importing community is expected to meet all the requirements governing the accounting of commercial goods imported into Canada, including:   

  • Classifying their commercial goods under the appropriate tariff classification  
  • Accurately declaring the origin and value of the goods, in accordance with legislative requirements  
  • Paying the appropriate duties and taxes on the goods  

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) monitors the extent to which commercial goods are trade compliant by conducting targeted verifications (audits) and by issuing verification priorities throughout the year.   

Recently the CBSA has released the January 2024 Trade Compliance Verification priorities list. In this release, the following new goods have been added:  

  • Bags fall under HS Code heading 42.02 – HS verification 
  • Spent fowl falls under HS Code headings 02.07, 16.01 and 16.02 – HS verification 
  • Bedding and drapery fall under HS headings 63.01, 63.02 and 63.03 – Origin verification  

Please refer to the CBSA website for the complete list of products. 


If your company imports any of the goods on the list above and would like Delmar to review your product database or past imports, please contact your Delmar Representative.