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Multi-Service Logistics: Regal Confections

caso de estudio | oct. 19, 2021

The Advantages of Multi-Service Logistics: Regal Confections

Regal Confections is a successful importer of popular chocolates and treats, operating for over 50 years across several provinces and states in Canada and the United States. They import brands such as Tootsie Rolls and PEZ, as well as licensed candies from companies such as Disney and Nickelodeon.

Regal Confections began utilizing Delmar’s consulting services in 2005 with a focus on customs brokerage, ocean freight and ground services. The Regal Confections case study showcases how Delmar’s flexibility and knowledge helped Regal Confections simplify their importing processes. Read more to discover how the logistics strategy that the Delmar consulting team devised and implemented has allowed Regal Confections to meet its business goals and overcome logistical challenges.

We love Delmar’s flexibility, multiple services provided and the ability to cater to what we need.