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CARM 104: How to Get Ready and What to Expect for CARM Release 2 - FAQs 

Will there be any more CARM releases?  

Release 2 is currently the final phase of CARM.  


Does CARM apply to U.S. shipments?  

CARM applies to all shipments coming into Canada from all origins. 


Will there be any other upcoming Delmar CARM webinars?  

The next CARM webinar will be in June.  


Where can we find a condensed CARM information sheet and past webinars? 

A CBSA information sheet, our on demand webinars and other resources are available on our dedicated CARM webpage at 


Where can we register for the CARM Client Portal (CPP)?  

Visit the following CBSA link: 


Can we book a call with someone at Delmar to review the CARM Client Portal (CCP) registration?  

Yes, there will be a notice sent out to book a call with a Delmar expert to review the CCP registration process for those clients that still need help. 


Currently, we have a Business Number (BN-9) with Delmar. Can we use the same number?  

The business number you have provided to Delmar is your business number. This is the same number that you register your company with on the CARM Client Portal (CCP). 


We are registered on the CARM Client Portal, but we have not delegated authority to Delmar or our broker. How do we delegate authority? 

Visit the following CBSA link on instructions on how to delegate authority: 


If we registered on the CARM Client Portal (CCP) at Release 1, do we have to register again for Release 2 (R2)?  

You only need to register your company on the CPP once and obtain a bond prior to R2. 


We only make a few small imports per year of a few hundred dollars each. Do we still need to register on the CARM Client Portal (CCP)? 

All importers must register on the CPP and post a bond regardless of import volumes if they wish to retain their Release Prior To Payment (RPP) privileges. 


If the product that we import into Canada is not subject to duties, do we still need to register on the CARM Client Portal (CPP)?  

Yes, all importers must register on the CPP regardless of the dutiable status of your products. 


If we are currently paying duties and GST to Delmar and have a bond with Delmar, will we have to pay the CBSA directly come October 2023 (given we are registered and have delegated authority to Delmar)?  

In October 2023, duty and tax will need to be paid directly to the CBSA.  


Can I pay GST directly to the receiver general? 

Both duty and taxes need to be paid directly to the CBSA, not just GST. 


Do we have to pay via the CARM Client Portal (CCP) if we are not fully set up on the portal?  

Once you are registered on the CCP, you can use the portal to pay duty and tax, but all other payment options are still available to you, including cheque via mail.  


Are electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments accepted?  

EFTs are not accepted by the CBSA. Online banking involves logging into your bank account and transferring a payment to a payee that you have previously set up with your financial institution. 


If we register on the CARM Client Portal (CCP), do we still have to pay the broker as we do now? What if we are on net terms to pay to broker?  

Once you are paying the CBSA directly for duty and tax, the only thing you will be paying your broker are the brokerage fees.  


Will brokerage fees only be paid to Delmar?  



Can we authorize Delmar to register on the CARM Client Portal and obtain a bond on my behalf? 



Will every broker need access to the CARM Client Portal including UPS and DHL brokers? 

All brokers need delegated authority to act on behalf of an importer. 


How can we delegate authority to the Business Account Manager (BAM)?                               

Within the CARM Client Portal, there is an option to delegate authority to both service providers as well as employees. This is where the employee would request and grant access. 


Can Delmar be a Business Account Manager (BAM)? 

Delmar can be the Proxy BAM. The BAM must be an employee of the importer. 


Is it necessary to set up a Program Account Manager (PAM), Editor and Reader or are two Business Account Managers (BAM) sufficient? 

The PAM/Editor/Reader functions are not mandatory. Two BAMs are sufficient. 


A minimum of two people need to be set up on the CARM Client Portal (CCP). What if I am solely responsible for everything within my business without any staff or team members?  

If there is only one person in the organization, then you will only have one Business Account Manager (BAM). 


Are Statements of Account (SOA) and transaction history available on CARM Client Portal (CPP)?   

Yes, both are available on the CPP. 


When will the $25 000 minimum bond come into effect? 

The $25 000 minimum bond amount will come into effect in October 2023.  


When do you suggest getting the bond and can we receive it via Delmar? 

A bond should be applied for immediately and you can email for assistance. 


Is there somewhere on the CARM Client Portal (CCP) where I can find the stats to get the amount of what the bond should be?  

The CCP does not have these statistics. You would need to contact your broker for a duty and GST report.  


We already have a bond in place. Do we have to make any changes at Release 2? Do we have to make annual changes? 

You are all set once you are registered on the CARM Client Portal (CCP) and have a bond in place. However, the bond will need to be renewed each year.  


If I paid a bond fee to Delmar already, will it still be valid starting in October 2023?  

Bonds are valid for one year. 


If we just renewed our bond with Delmar, will it be ineffective as of October 2023? 

Bonds are typically valid for a one-year period then must be renewed. If your bond was recently renewed, it will still be in effect for the October launch of Release 2. 


As of Release 2 (R2), will the bond remain with Delmar or will the bond have to be taken through CARM? 

Importers will no longer use their broker's bond as of R2. They will need to obtain their own bond. However, your broker can obtain a bond on your behalf. 


Which recommended third party suppliers can provide the surety bond? 

Delmar's Business Services can assist with obtaining a bond. Any approved surety company is recommended as well. 


How do I set up the surety bond?  

Contact us at and we will help you set up the surety bond. 


Do we have to change the Release Prior To Payment (RPP) bond to a surety bond?  

RPP bonds and surety bonds are the same thing. 


Is it mandatory to have Release Prior To Payment (RPP) or can I make payments before release of goods? 

You can make payments of duty and tax before release if you do not have a bond in place. 


If we purchased a bond through Delmar, does that mean we are set up with Release Prior To Payment (RPP)? 

Yes. Once a bond is in place and you have registered on the CARM Client Portal and have delegated authority to your broker, your set up is complete.  


What is the difference between cash bond and assured security? 

A cash bond involves you depositing the full cash amount into your account. A surety bond does not require you to pay the full amount.  


Will GST and duty be deducted from the bond? Can I add money back in the bond every month? 

No, duty and tax will be paid by the importer every month. The bond is in place only if the importer defaults on their payments, however, you will get several warnings before the CBSA can claim against your bond. 


How can I contact Delmar to set up bonds? 

Bond inquiries can be sent to 


Will I need to process correction for Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD) on my own or do I need to request correction from Delmar? 

If access is delegated to Delmar, we can process CAD corrections on your behalf.  


How do I receive overpayments back?  

Overpayments will be recovered by filing a correction to the Commercial Accounting Declaration, similar to the current B2 process. 


When filing the Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD), which is replacing the B3/B2, will the freight forwarder still be able file on my behalf? 

Yes, brokers will be able file the CAD on behalf of importers. 


Will we eventually be able to prepare our B3 on the CARM Client Portal (CCP)?  

Delmar will continue to submit your releases and CADs through our customs release software. 


After the launch of Release 2 (R2), can I still present a Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD) at a customs office?  

You will still be able to present a CAD at a CBSA office.  


Will the B3 and Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD) form be the same?  

The new CAD form is significantly different from the current B3 form. 


If B3 will be called Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD), what will B2 be called? 

Both the B3 and B2 are being replaced by the CAD. 


How does duty relief work with the new system?  

It will work in the same way it currently does. 


I know how to create a CAED for overseas shipments over $2000. Will importing be done on the same CAED website? 

The CERS website (formerly CAED) is separate from the CARM Client Portal.