CARM 106: CARM Release 2 - Are You Ready?

webinar | Feb 23, 2024 On Demand

CARM and Its Release Phases 

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) continues to accelerate its evolution and modernization through its CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project; completely transforming the agency’s import playbook from trade compliance to risk and information management.   

In October 2024, CARM Release 2 will expand the functionalities of the CARM Client Portal, releasing electronic commercial accounting declarations, new offsetting options, electronic management of appeals and compliance actions and harmonized billing cycles.    

Through CARM, accounting and revenue management processes with CBSA will be facilitated for all importers to Canada.  


What Does Delmar's CARM 106 Webinar Cover?  

CARM Release 2 will be launching in October 2024. Register early to take advantage of the “early-adopters” rewards. 

Join our Customs Brokerage experts to better understand the functionalities of the CARM Client Portal (CCP), how to register your business on the portal and delegate authority to Delmar.  

The presentation will be followed by an open mic Q&A session.  

Topics Covered 

  • Who should register on the CCP 
  • The benefits of registering on the CCP and what the “early-adopters” rewards are 
  • Steps-by-step guide on how to register on the CCP:
    • Creating your GCKey
    • Registering for multi-factor authentication
    • Creating your client profile
    • Registering your business – For designated Business Account Manager
    • Answering affinity questions
  • Q&A open mic session: What questions do you have or what obstacles do you need help with? 

Industry Expert Panelists   

Marisa Pavan   

Manager, Customs Advisory Services, Delmar International Inc.   

John-Paul Evans   

Canadian Customs Brokerage Consultant of Advisory Services, Delmar International Inc. 


Why Should You Watch Delmar’s On Demand Webinar?  

As a leading Canadian customs broker, Delmar has been proven successful in collaborating with the Canadian government on various customs brokerage initiatives over the years and has been selected as one of a limited number of Canadian customs brokers to conduct advance Deep Cycle CARM Testing with the CBSA.   

We continue to work closely with CBSA in the development of the Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD) through our involvement in the CAD Technical Working Group. Delmar is also an active participant in the Customer Experience Simulation (CES).   

Through our partnership with the CBSA, our expert panelists will guide you through registering your business on the CCP.  


Some Notable Upcoming Changes with Release 2   

Financial Security - Importers will be required to have a financial security bond, or post a cash deposit, to participate in the Release Prior to Payment program.    

Billing Cycles - New billing cycles and alignment of payment due dates will address current complexities of revenue management for businesses and CBSA.   

Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD) - Serves as the digital document to account for imported goods into Canada, replacing the current B3/B2 forms and processing corrections and adjustments.   


For additional CARM resources, such as access to our past CARM Release 1 & 2 (101, 102, 103, 104 and 105) webinars, FAQ pages and useful resources, visit Delmar's dedicated CARM webpage.    

CARM 106: CARM Release 2 - Are You Ready?